[DOWNLOAD] Logic Confessions of a Dangerous Mind FULL LEAK [ALBUM ZIP]

[DOWNLOAD] Logic Confessions of a Dangerous Mind FULL LEAK [ALBUM ZIP]



Reasoning "Confessions Of A Harmful Mind".

Reasoning revealed on his Instagram and Twitter that he will be dropping a new album entitled 'Confessions of a Harmful Mind' very soon. Enjoy Logic's brand-new tune release for Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind below. Reasoning will be launching his debut novel, Supermarket, on March 26th in addition to its soundtrack. Until then, stream "Confessions of a Harmful Mind" on all platforms now. The production from 6ix is extremely smooth and permits the track's pointed barbs to go down much easier. It's an excellent contrast, and after this jam we truly have no concept what the new Logic album will seem like, however we like it that way.

The video in question is 4 minutes long. Logic captioned the video, "I wrote this one in Blood." He made his Twitter avatar a photo of his face in this human catsup, smiling like a madman. Reasoning stands in complete darkness, rapping brand-new material with a huge gash on his neck. Gradually, the strength in his performance doesn't alter while the amount of blood on his body does. His t-shirt grows redder, his neck grows slicker, his eyes grow broader. By the end of the efficiency, he's been doused in the blood like it's a marinade for a chicken wing. This is Logic's mind, violent and dark. And it appears like the stories housed in this chamber of torture will be revealed.

Confessions of an Unsafe Mind is the main follow-up to Logic's September 2018 studio record YSIV. This year, the Maryland rap artist has shared the singles "Keanu Reeves," "Confessions of a Hazardous Mind," and "Murder" (including Eminem). He likewise launched the soundtrack to Supermarket, his launching novel.Logic is refilled. Only eight months after releasing his last album YSIV, the Maryland rap artist is preparing the rap artist's fifth studio album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is set to show up Friday, Might 10. He exposed the release date together with the illustrated cover art, developed by Sam Spratt, featuring his face changing into a album has actually currently spawned the title track and a partnership with Eminem, "Homicide," which dropped last March, Logic launched his Supermarket soundtrack, a companion to his launching novel, which got in the New York Times Paperback Fiction bestseller list at No. 1. It was preceded by September's YSIV, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

Detailing the seldom-spoken deep longstanding problems of modern-day social networks and its affect on artists - and how that can change into self-abuse, Logic's story goes back and forth from unbiased conversation to intimate susceptible visceral reactions. The Maryland artist is coming off two jobs in 2018, a mixtape and a full-length album, YSIV. However, music is not all the artist has his hand in. Today, he debuts with his first novel, Supermarket, packaged with a studio album soundtrack.

Logic talks about seeming like he is under a magnifying glass, where everyone simply attempts to dig some dirty about his life or from his past. And everybody appears to be a critic nowadays, commenting about his music, and identifying them. But they forget to consider that the tune came from a more personal place of the rap artist and the criticism impacts simply as more to the artist.

As the promo video continued Logic revealed a brand-new song while gradually being covered in blood. Confessions Of An Unsafe Mind will be Reasoning's follow-up to 2018's Young Sinatra IV No release date has actually been announced for the brand-new album. With Confessions, Reasoning will be speaking mostly about social media and the impacts it has on society. Naturally, it also appears he'll have a good portion of bangers on it as well, if Homicide and Keanu Reeves are any indicators. I'm sure a few of his brand-new tracks will make it onto The Mixtape later on this week.

It really is. Likewise quite cool how he's done all of Reasoning's album artwork up until now. Filled with concealed Easter eggs and messages for the fans to try to find, besides looking great. The brand-new single Confessions of a Harmful Mind" will be the title track for the album. In a number of interviews he said the album, which has no definitive release date yet, will handle the issue of social media and its unfavorable effects.

In the four-minute video, he reveals the name of the album will be "Confessions of a Hazardous Mind" however when the album will drop is not known. Confessions of a Harmful Mind" is the title track and 2nd single from Reasoning's sixth studio album. Logic's launching novel, Grocery store, is set to arrive March 26. An accompanying soundtrack, which will include the aforementioned partnership with DeMarco, has yet to get a release date.

Somebody who has actually always had the ability to put out strong messages in hip-hop, Def Jam's Reasoning, released a new single from a forthcoming album, Confessions of a Harmful Mind. The title track is a heavy outpour of all of the insecurities that the rapper has actually been handling over the past year. At the end of the video, the album gets revealed to be his sixth studio album.

The other day, the rapper revealed his brand-new album, the follow up to last September's YSIV which received a combined reaction from fans. He likewise submitted the title track off the project by means of a trailer which showed him gradually getting covered in blood as he rapped some heartfelt lines over a soulful beat. The rapper's fifth studio album Confessions of a Hazardous Mind is set to show up Friday, Might 10. He revealed the release date along with the illustrated cover art, created by Sam Spratt, including his face changing into a skeleton.

Logic fans rejoice. Six months after launching YSIV, he revealed his 6th studio album, Confessions of an Unsafe Mind by means of Twitter. Previously today, he turned to social media and launched a bloody video for the track, which included the main announcement of his brand-new album. In true Logic fashion, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" is introspective and has shown us a sneak peek for what's to come on the brand-new job.

When he repeats the line What if your life was under a glass?" white flakes fall from the sky, offering the illusion of a snow world setting. As he continues he starts to take notice of the blood, touching his hand to his neck. When talking about the remarks he continues reading Twitter, he takes out his phone and takes a look at it prior to tossing it to the ground. As the bleeding becomes worse, Logic does numerous things to relatively numb the pain, including lighting up a joint.

The brand-new single was also launched with a remarkable video of Logic carrying out in a darkened room. The highlight of the video is the massive rip injury on his neck and how it begins gushing out blood throughout the video, drenching his clothing. Logic appears familiar with the enormous wound however continues to perform the song uninterrupted. This is symbolic that Reasoning is pouring out himself in these lyrics of the song.

State what you want about Reasoning, but prior to you do, make certain you acknowledge his hunger. In the last 2 years, he has dropped 3 full length jobs, with Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind" going to be his 4th. Today, the DMV rap artist started the roll-out process for the upcoming album, releasing the first real single off of it. Confessions of an Unsafe Mind is Reasoning's sixth studio album.

Reasoning had actually shared the song previously this week in a video he posted to Twitter, though he did not define its title. In the clip, he raps to the cam and brandishes a weapon as blood gushes down his shirt and snowflakes swirl around him. The video closed with an official announcement of the record and its title, though it overlooked the album's release date.

Multi-platinum Def Jam taping artist Reasoning is back. The rap artist required to Twitter today to announce his upcoming fifth studio album Confessions of a Hazardous Mind. The 1-800-273-8255" hitmaker started campaigning the upcoming task with a rhyme-slaying new single. Emotional, imaginative, and creative, Logic's titular single has actually triggered high anticipation for his upcoming album release. Stream Confessions of an Unsafe Mind" listed below and watch for Logic's new album dropping later this year.

Six months after the release of YSIV, Logic is readying his 6th studio album Confessions of a Hazardous Mind. On Friday, May 3, Reasoning will launch "Homicide," the very first single off his forthcoming fifth album, Confessions of a Harmful Mind. Respected Grammy-nominated rap artist Reasoning gets exceptionally reflective on Confessions of a Hazardous Mind," his 2nd single of 2019.

Enjoy Confessions of a Harmful Mind" music video by Reasoning listed below. The trailer ends by revealing that Confessions of a Harmful Mind is coming quickly." The album marks the follow-up to September's YSIV, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Maryland rap artist Logic today announced that his sixth studio album entitled Confessions of an Unsafe Mind will drop this Friday. This comes a week after the MC dropped a single with the world-renown Eminem called Homicide. With today's statement, Young Sinatra likewise dropped the artwork for the project.

Logic announced some serious prepare for the year. While he went on a rampage in 2018, launching 2 tasks within the span of a few months, he revealed plans to launch a book as well as some operate in film. His debut novel Grocery store is set to show up on March 26th but it appears like he may have some new music arriving quickly too. The rap artist debuted on a new song on social media and announced that he has a new project on the way.

Reasoning's circulation and delivery of the tune takes listeners on an entertaining ride from start to finish. "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" showcases the 29-year-old Maryland rap artist's signature style combining singing mastery with thought-provoking bars. Over an ambient yet hard-hitting boom-bap beat, he tackles problems of handling criticism, feeling his music is misinterpreted, and the detrimental impacts of social networks on not just himself but others also.